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Planned workshop visits during the first quarter of 2022:

Stilbaai:                        1 - 2 March 2022
Stilbaai:                        3 - 4 March 2022
Jeffrey's Bay:                 26 March 2022
Pretoria:                         7  - 8 April 2022
Cape Town:                    3 - 5 May 2022
Prince Albert:             14-15 June 2022

Knysna:                        11-12 Aug 2022

What to expect from a workshop

The interaction between the artist and material is a magical process and the connection is organic and natural.


The encaustic painting workshops are designed to excite, encourage and breathe life into your creative process.  It is a challenging medium that promises to stretch your artistic boundaries.  The process is organic and begs you to let go.


Come and immerse yourself in a deep yet playful exploration of encaustic painting and creative practices. 


You will advance your technical skills so you can focus on creating artworks instead of wasting valuable time troubleshooting your way through the process.

Types of Workshops

The following workshop types are available:

Beginners (3.5 hours)

Beginners and Intermediate (Full-Day)

Intermediate and Advanced (Full-Day)

Encaustic Monoprinting (Half-Day)

Customised classes available on request

Priming and Color

The Beginners Course is a step-by-step course that takes you through the process of creating and working with encaustic. ​

The course will teach you about:​

  • Materials, tools and equipment;

  • Safety and ventilation;

  • Creating a smooth surface and priming your panel;

  • Prepare your own encaustic medium made from scratch and how to turn that medium into coloured encaustic paint;

  • Mastering a blowtorch;

  • Troubleshooting.


The Intermediate Course requires a strong basic working knowledge of encaustic painting and familiarity handling a blowtorch. 

  • Shellac burn effects;

  • Colour and palette selection;

  • Image transfer of a non-toxic photocopy allowing you to incorporate design and photographic elements as part of your work;

  • Photo embedding.


The Not Just the Basics workshop requires a strong working knowledge of encaustic painting.  These workshops are customised based on the attendee’s needs and level. 


The following aspects of encaustic painting will be covered:​    ​

  • Incorporating graphite powder and other media such as rice paper and ink;

  • Mark making techniques;

  • Encaustic monotype printing.