Encaustic Medium

primer / paint

The medium is available in bleached (clear) or white formats.

The high grade medium is made with 100% natural beeswax and the standard grade with industrial cosmetic grade beeswax.

The high and standard grades are of the highest quality available in these ranges and offer the artist flexibility in terms of pricing.

Use as primer, as a translucent paint or mix with dry color pigments to create your own paint medium.


Tin for wax

Glass for shellac

Round tin cannisters:  Hold 75 g of wax medium and ideal to warm wax medium or paint in.  It comes with a slip on lid that allows for the medium to be sealed and stored.

Small glass containers:  Use to mix and store shellac medium in once dissolved . 

Bleached Beeswax

make your own encaustic medium

Choose between 100% natural beeswax (high grade) or industrial cosmetic grade beeswax (standard grade).

The minimum order is 1 kg.

Birchwood Panel


Naturally prepared birch plywood panels that are available in various sizes.   We use WISA® plywood that is manufactured in Europe according to the strictest sustainability principles and comes only from legal, sustainable sources and conforms to all relevant standards and regulations.

Birch is a hard wood with a close grain that absorbs less wax and provides a stable base.  As it takes longer to cool down, it allows for advanced techniques.


add color and highlights

Ultra Soft Artists’ Painting Pastels are made by using a unique manufacturing process requiring minimal binder and fillers, resulting in rich, ultra soft and super-blendable colors.

These colors are not blended with wax, but applied to the dry wax to add a special color intensity.   

There are more than 80 colors available that are available, individually or in sets.

PanPastels can be ordered immediately, but it will take 5 days to deliver.


painting tool

1. Natural Fibre Brushes


We sell tried and tested quality natural fibre brushes from Prime Art in various shapes and sizes (and  at the best prices).

2. Sponge Brushes

Sponge brushes are used to apply shellac with in order to create a smooth consistency.

Artists' Grade Dry Pigments

create color for wax, shellac or oil

Finely ground, 100% pure pigments are used to create colorful medium, and can be added to:

  • Encaustic medium

  • Shellac

  • Linseed oil (oil colors)

  • Gel medium (acrylic)

  • Gum arabic (watercolor)


We import Gamblin, the best quality pigment all the way from Portland, USA


create unique

burn technique

Dewaxed Blonde Shellac Flakes


Use to create a shellac burn technique that is unique to encaustic art paintings.

Create a shellac solution by dissolving the shellac flakes in methylated spirits or denatured alcohol.

Can be mixed with Artist's Grade Dry Pigments to create a variety of shellac burn colors or used in its natural form.

Imported from Germany and of highest grade.

Starter Kits

ideal gifts

There are three starter packs to choose from:

1.  Max: Let's Get Started

2.  Dougal: The Extras

3.  Angus: Torching It


fuse with heat

Many heat application methods have been tried and tested.

Although it is the artist's prerogative to choose what works for them, we recommend and sell the Bernzomatic TS3500KC multi-use torch kit with a trigger-start ignition and an adjustable flame control knob allowing controlled movements.

Damar Resin

make your own encaustic medium

Damar is tree glue or gum from deciduous trees found in India and East Asia.  Most is produced by tapping trees, however, some is collected in fossilised form on the ground. The gum varies in colour from clear to pale yellow, while the fossilised form is grey-brown.

The damar resin can be packaged in any quantity.

Imported from Germany and of superior quality.

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