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The Encaustic method requires the artist to work with the medium by allowing it to develop in its one way. 


Working with quality products enable the artist to do more and get a final surface quality that will last a lifetime. 

The encaustic medium and tools used during the painting process are critical to the success of the art work as the artist collaborate with the materials instead of controlling it. 

This interaction between the artist and material is a magical process. This connection should be organic and natural and can only be achieved by using the four base components namely, the beeswax, damar resin, paint pigments and shellac in their natural form. 

Our products were developed based on tried and tested techniques and methods and are made from the finest quality beeswax, damar resin, dry pigments and shellac that were sourced from around the world to bring the user the best end result.

It is proudly made in South Africa by passionate people.  And of course dogs that provide on-site emotional support and encouragement.

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Encaustic Medium

Transparent or White


Encaustic medium is the term used for the base substance of all commercially available encaustic paints. 

The medium is a blend of naturally bleached beeswax and damar resin.


The Transparent medium can be used as a primer, translucent paint or mixed with color pigments to create your own luminous colors.

The White medium is a blend of naturally bleached beeswax, damar resin, white pigment and calcium carbonate and is ideal to create a white canvas or mixed with color pigments to create your own tinted colors.


The encaustic medium is kept heated during the painting process.  Any heating surface such as a griddle, electric skillet or hot plate that can regulate the heat will work. 

Many heat application methods have been tried and tested.  We sell and recommend the Bernzomatic TS3500KC multi-use torch kit with a trigger-start ignition and adjustable flame control knob allowing controlled movements.

Propane gas is long-lasting and refills can be found on our shop or at hardware stores.

You can also try a heatgun or creme brulee torch.


Basic Grounds

Birchwood Panels

Most artists use wood-based panels as it is rigid and very absorbent.


Birchwood is recommended as it is a hardwood that retains the heat longer (allowing the artist to use heat for longer). 


We prefer plywood as it is sustainable on the environment.

The birchwood panels are imported from Europe and meet all international sustainability standards.

Other Grounds

​Other grounds include:

  • Absorbent natural fibre paper.  Heavier papers, such as a 300 gram watercolor paper, provide a rigid support although Japanese papers are recommended.  Encaustic on paper may require mounting on panels, framed under glass, suspended or pinned to a wall.  The wax seals the paper and naturally protects it from damage from light.

  • Clay;

  • Natural fibre fabric such as linen or cotton.


Make Encaustic Medium

Bleached Beeswax

We prefer 100% Natural Beeswax with no synthetic or chemical ingredients.  Yes, we also sell it in case you want to customise the encaustic medium.

The yellow beeswax that you find at your local beekeeper will also work although it is not fully transparent.


Damar Resin

make your own encaustic medium

Damar is tree glue or gum from deciduous trees found in India and East Asia.  Most is produced by tapping trees, however, some is collected in fossilised form on the ground. The gum varies in colour from clear to pale yellow, while the fossilised form is grey-brown.

The damar resin can be packaged in any quantity.

Imported from Germany and of superior quality.


Color Pigments

Finely ground, 100% pure pigments are used to create colorful medium, and can be added to:

  • Encaustic medium

  • Shellac

  • Linseed oil (oil colors)

  • Gel medium (acrylic)

  • Gum arabic (watercolor)


We import Gamblin, the best quality pigment all the way from Portland, USA.

Adding Color

Wax Sticks

For artists who appreciate versatility, Wax Sticks offer a multi-purpose form for applying, re-filling and sharing encaustic wax paint.


The stick is a concentrated blend of our encaustic medium and color pigments that allows you to use the whole bar or mix with the encaustic medium.


Works also well for mark-making.


Tools and Accessories

painting tool

Natural Fibre Brushes:  We sell tried and tested quality natural fibre brushes from Prime Art in various shapes and sizes (and  at the best prices).

Sponge Brushes:  Sponge brushes are used to apply shellac with in order to create a smooth consistency.

PanPastels:  Ultra Soft Artists’ Painting Pastels are made by using a unique manufacturing process requiring minimal binder and fillers, resulting in rich, ultra soft and super-blendable colors.

A variety of tools such as ceramic tools, woodcarving tools and printmaking tools can be used to create incisions and texture. 

Look in our shop for some ideas.



create unique

burn technique

Dewaxed Blonde Shellac Flakes


Use to create a shellac burn technique that is unique to encaustic art paintings.

Create a shellac solution by dissolving the shellac flakes in methylated spirits or denatured alcohol.

Can be mixed with color pigments to  create a variety of shellac burn colors or used in its natural form.

Imported from Germany and of the  highest grade.


Starter Kits

There are three starter packs to choose from:

  • Let's Get Started with all the basics

  • The Extras: The Basics plus additional pigments, boards and brushes

  • Torching It:  All the Extras plus a Bernzomatic torch.