Finest Quality

Environmentally Sustainable 

Organic substance


The Encaustic method requires the artist to work with the medium by allowing it to develop in its one way. 


Working with quality products enable the artist to do more and get a final surface quality that will last a lifetime. 

The encaustic medium and tools used during the painting process are critical to the success of the art work as the artist collaborate with the materials instead of controlling it. 

This interaction between the artist and material is a magical process. This connection should be organic and natural and can only be achieved by using the four base components namely, the beeswax, damar resin, paint pigments and shellac in their natural form. 

Our products were developed based on tried and tested techniques and methods and are made from the finest quality beeswax, damar resin, dry pigments and shellac that were sourced from around the world to bring the user the best end result.

It is proudly made in South Africa by passionate people.  And of course dogs that provide on-site emotional support and encouragement.