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Prime Art 6 Individual steel nibs with wooden handles.Prime Art 6 Individual steel nibs with wooden handles.Wood Carving Set 6 PcsWood Carving Set 6 PcsWood Carving Set 6 Pcs

Speedball® Red Baren – Carded

  • He red baron portion is made of durable impact-proof ABS plastic and has a diameter of 4 inches
  • Comfort-grip handle is made of hardwood
  • This incredible tool will make the task much easier and give you better results
  • The smooth flat surface enables you to uniformly transfer images onto paper and apply even pressure over small surfaces

* This package contains one red baron

Speedball® Premier Baren – Boxed

  • A premier 4-inch diameter baren ideal for hand printing and proofing of block prints
  • Covered with a nitrex nylon for an extra smooth slide
  • Evenly distributes pressure for a better ink image
  • Comfortable grip wooden handle

Wood Carving Set 6 Pcs

Prime Art 6 Individual steel nibs with wooden handles.

Bernzomatic TS3500KC

Many heat application methods have been tried and tested and we recommend and sell the Bernzomatic TS3500KC multi-use torch kit that comes with a propane-filled cylinder.

The torch features an ergonomically designed comfort grip for comfortable and controlled use, a trigger-start ignition and an adjustable flame control knob.

Printmaking Paper

Please enquire about our range of Japanese papers.

Calcium Carbonate

Make your own encaustic gesso by mixing calcium carbonate with acrylic paint. Contact us if you need the ratios.

Cretacolor Graphite Powder

Use graphite powder for advanced techniques. Non-toxic.


  • PanPastels are a unique dry colour medium that work like a fluid paint
  • PanPastel colours are professional artist quality soft pastel colours packed in a unique pan format
  • Made with minimal binders and fillers to ensure rich, ultra-soft and super blendable colours
  • Colours are loaded with the finest artist quality pigment for concentrated, lightfast colour
  • The colours perform like a dry velvety paint and are fully erasable.
  • No preparation time as no solvents or water required to work with Pan Pastels
  • They can be used for traditional painting and drawing techniques or for countless mixed media techniques
  • Can be used in conjunction with other artist media and on most surfaces
  • Available all single colours and in assorted sets and with special PanPastel application sponges and tools

We sell the whole product range for Panpastels. Please visit https://panpastel.com/products.html and let us know which product you require. The 9mm round tub cost R200 each.

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