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  • PanPastels are a unique dry colour medium that work like a fluid paint
  • PanPastel colours are professional artist quality soft pastel colours packed in a unique pan format
  • Made with minimal binders and fillers to ensure rich, ultra-soft and super blendable colours
  • Colours are loaded with the finest artist quality pigment for concentrated, lightfast colour
  • The colours perform like a dry velvety paint and are fully erasable.
  • No preparation time as no solvents or water required to work with Pan Pastels
  • They can be used for traditional painting and drawing techniques or for countless mixed media techniques
  • Can be used in conjunction with other artist media and on most surfaces
  • Available all single colours and in assorted sets and with special PanPastel application sponges and tools

We sell the whole product range for Panpastels. Please visit https://panpastel.com/products.html and let us know which product you require. The 9mm round tub cost R200 each.

A minimum order of three tubs are required.

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