International Artists

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To bee or not to bee, that is the question!

Alicia Tormey

Internationally recognized painter based in Seattle and is best known for her inventive techniques using beeswax, resin, shellac, and raw pigments. Abstracted landscapes and wild botanical forms have long been the focus of Tormey’s work.

Ruth Maude

To her, art-making is a creative practice of exploration and play. She is committed to carving out space in her life to show up and learn what it has to teach her about herself and her world. 

Lorraine Glessner

Memory, experience, all of life is made up of layers. Everything we do is cumulative to what we have done before and everything we perceive is in the context of what we know.

Georgia Nassikas

Georgia’s gallery shows and thematic series encourage the viewer to look from afar and observe up close. From a distance, the images present the geometry of a still life, a long-simmering notion of a landscape and luminous sky, or a modern deconstruction of a shape, color, or theme.

Barry Katz Art

Christine Towner

Christine a “modern”, contemporary artist that limits any influence dictated by an object, landscape, or any subjective rule for using Encaustic wax as her medium. Her pieces are one of kind…..unique, rebellious, inventive and original. 

Dale Roberts

​​​His exhibition record includes many juried shows and several national competitions.

Her work is process-oriented, often beginning with a piece of fabric or paper, adding threads, and ephemera — to create haptic, dimensional wall pieces and sculptural objects. She is inspired by contemporary pancultural markers — to explore narratives around the body. This includes themes of motherhood, home, spirituality, addiction, language, architecture, and how we protect the vulnerable — like the elderly, our children, and the planet..